I am here to fulfill my purpose in this world by facilitating healing and teaching so that we all may walk in and share our truth freely, supported by the Earth, Source, and each other, in Love.

I was born on the far Eastern tip of Long Island, New York, to grow in the salty air and waters of a small fishing village where I endlessly enjoyed art and writing.  I traveled to India at the age of eleven and was mesmerized by the expanse of the world.  My toes left the sand at the age of fifteen to pursue land in every direction in the hills of Middle Tennessee, where I found never-ending creeks, ferns, and a slower way of life.  

At nineteen years old, I journeyed to the Yucatan indefinitely, following Mayan healers while I was pregnant with my amazing son.  I was led back to Tennessee months after and was divinely brought to the Midwives of The Farm in Summertown, TN, just before my birth.  For the first time I felt the undeniable energy of being surrounded by powerful, supportive women. I experienced a life changing, surprise Frank Breach birth with the Queens of Spiritual Midwifery.

I raised my beautiful boy while practicing healing work as a Reiki Master and Colon Hygienist for several years in the country landscape before moving to the city where I served and wrote training materials at restaurants. There I experienced ups, downs, turmoils, deaths, and giving away of my power that would lead me desperately to study Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Doula work, communication, and boundaries at the renowned Cumberland Institute.  

I began passionately working with local food at community markets and sacred food gatherings as an organizer, cook, and fermentation enthusiast.

My next journeys were running a kitchen at a 1200 acre retreat center, which ended with the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica for five weeks as a Doula and mediator for a dear sister on a community permaculture farm.  Returning to the city was like hitting a brick wall.  My path became clear.  It was time to move from Nashville back to the country with my teenage son and wonderful man; time to come back to nature and ultimately back to healing myself and the Truth of who I am.  That sounds so lovely, doesn't it?  "Healing myself and the Truth of who I am."  In my experience it was not all love & light, sunshine & daisies, revelations and manifestations.  It got messy, ugly, and painful along with the incredibly beautiful fruits.  It took support from others' work along with using healing tools learned, and strong personal practice, and continues to today.


Embracing my Divine and spaciousness have birthed a continuous strong desire for sharpening my intuitive nature and abilities, sharing tools, doing readings, and facilitating energetic and physical healing through bodywork, as we all deserve to be reminded and held, as we are here to serve each other and practice the magic...