With Leah






We must admit and commit to what we know deep down, and bring it to here and now!


FLOURISH with Leah is here to offer you sacred space to connect deeply with yourself and facilitate the change you want to see in your being, both energetically and physically. 

We are sacred beings, and we have gone through so much to be where we are right now.   It is in the present time that we may awaken and heal ourselves.  It is important that we have the support and tools we need to do so.  We can learn to tend to our energy and care for ourselves in a deeper way, always.  We can have authority of our energy, healthy energetic boundaries, and deep connection with our core being.  We must embody to Flourish.

I am here to serve, support, and help facilitate your energetic and physical bodies' release and healing, and share tools you may use to grow softer and stronger in your practice, and be the best embodied, autonomous, truth of YOU.   




Three types of sessions are offered


Now is the time...

You are an incredible being.

I am here to help facilitate your healing, stretching, growing, changing, rearranging, clearing, sometimes hurting, anxious or stuck precious spirit that is ready for guidance and movement.

In our sessions we will work on healing in present time with awareness and intention.

I welcome you and embrace you as you are, and I see you.

Energy reading and healing

We will look at your whole being and work energetically to see and heal blocks, disruptions, additions, emptiness and displacement in your energetic field. I will facilitate change through energetic healing and give you tools, to keep moving forward with, that will assist you in staying grounded, present, and connected to source from your intuitive center. 

Your session can create change in specific areas ranging through stepping into your power, releasing trauma, having general well being, moving through pain, clarifying and living your purpose, flourishing as a being, creating and manifesting for yourself, heart centered living, becoming more intuitive, and speaking your truth and setting boundaries.

Our sessions will take place on the phone. Sessions are 55-60min/$125 or invest in Three Sessions/$325 for a potent and progressive container for powerful and deep shifts.

You may use the contact form at the bottom of this page to book and for any inquiries. Please submit two-three available dates and I will respond with available times. If you are local and would like to request this work in person in the Green Hills office, please note this.

I look forward to working with you!

Massage/Integrative bodywork

In your bodywork session we will address physical tension and blocks to soften your being.  Each session is tailored to your personal needs and desires with mixed modalities. The style of touch may vary on each part of your body.  Gentle touch may be used for craniosacral therapy to remove blocks in the reciprocal tension membrane that surrounds your cerebrospinal fluid.  Your cerebrospinal fluid flows from your sacrum to brain, surounding your spinal nerves, and has a gentle wave that can be reset and have great calming effects for your nervous system.  Acupressure points may be held during your session to allow pooled up chi/energy to disperse and flow well through your meridians/energy pathways, and this can be physically felt.  Myofascial release techniques may be used in areas of tension from physical or emotional trauma, allowing the body to move where it was avoiding movement due to storing this trauma. This technique can also release tightened fascia that is putting significant amounts of pressure on tissue, causing tension and soreness directly, and can also physically release areas in other parts of the body that may seam unrelated. Swedish Massage strokes may be used to help warm and relax tissue, as well as deeper pressure and various forms of direct tissue manipulation that are appropriate to facilitate your release.  Warm Himalayan salt stones may be used to soften and remineralize.  Only natural oils and chemical free products are used for lubrication.

In your Massage and Integrative bodywork sessions you may remained clothed or you may remove all of your clothing, or any amount that you are comfortable with.  As a therapist, your privacy and dignity is my highest priority. Draping will cover you appropriately and you will never be improperly exposed, nor sexualized.  Your removal of your clothing and undergarments is purely to be able to perform Massage and Integrative Bodywork. 

Sessions are 60min/$85, 90min/$115, and 120min/$140 and take place by appointment only at 4004 Hillsboro Pike, Suite B215, Nashville, TN 37215. Located in Green Hills Court.

Please call or text (615)-474-2633 to set up your appointment


Energy Reading and Healing followed by physical integration massage/ bodywork


In this session, you will experience the full ENERGY READING AND HEALING as described above in person, followed by 90min of MASSAGE/INTEGRATIVE BODYWORK described above.  

Our body is the physical home of our energy and core being, and has physical holding patterns that align with our energetic field. When there is release and movement in our energetic field, our physical body will eventually follow.  Facilitating the physical release with massage and bodywork immediately is a powerful way to shift and align.  We will address where the body is storing things that are ready to be physically released to make room for more of you to fill your physical space.  Just as we hold things energetically that no longer serve us, we physically hold things that no longer serve us.  Let's make room for YOU and your truth in embodiment.

Sessions are 3hrs(180min)/$250 and take place by appointment only at 4004 Hillsboro Pike, Suite B215, Nashville, TN 37215. Located in Green Hills Court.

Please call or text (615)-474-2633 to set up your appointment